EMIS Training Videos

These videos have been created to assist with understanding EMIS, EMIS data, and EMIS reporting. Though the primary intended audience is EMIS coordinators, these videos will also be helpful to district staff at all levels. Be sure to come back to this page often, as more videos are being developed. Eventually we will be posting more advanced videos, as well as videos targeted to specific types of EMIS data.

Click on any of the videos or links below to watch that video, or click on "playlist" at the bottom of the page to view all available titles within YouTube.

We welcome your feedback about this new feature on our website. Whether you have specific comments about certain videos, general comments about the videos as a whole, or requests for more videos you would like to see, please submit your feedback here.

Stay Connected with EMIS Communications

This video introduces a few of the main ways in which the Department's EMIS team communicates information to the field. Anyone interested in receiving EMIS communications and staying on top of the latest EMIS news should watch this video. (Posted 7/31/2019)

Getting Help With EMIS Reporting Questions

This video goes through the different ways to receive help with EMIS reporting questions. Those involved with EMIS reporting will find this video helpful. (Posted 7/31/2019)

An Introduction to EMIS Reports

EMIS provides a number of reports to districts to assist with the review of their data. This video lays out the main types of reports available. Watching this video is suggested for anyone in a district who may need to review EMIS reports. (Posted 7/31/2019)

The Language of EMIS

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This video helps viewers begin to decipher the language of EMIS. A few related resources are pointed out and a few terms are defined. Watching this video is suggested for anyone in a district who may be involved with EMIS reporting or EMIS data. (Posted 7/31/2019)

EMIS Documentation

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There are several different types of documentation to help with EMIS reporting. This video helps you find them and explains the purpose of each. Those involved in reporting to EMIS or reviewing EMIS reports will benefit from this video. (Posted 7/31/2019)

EMIS Manual: The Basics

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The EMIS Manual is the main source of reporting guidelines for EMIS data. This video shows where to find the EMIS Manual and explains the overall structure of EMIS Manual sections. Watching this video is suggested for anyone involved in EMIS reporting as well as anyone reviewing EMIS data. (Posted 11/4/19)

Data Collector: An Introduction

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The Data Collector is the tool by which districts submit their EMIS data to the Department. This is also where districts will find a number of reports provided to assist them in reviewing their data. Watching this video is suggested for all new EMIS coordinators as well other staff members who will be submitting data or reviewing reports. (Posted 11/4/19)

There is also a playlist that includes all titles currently available.

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