Unique Entity Identifier (UEI) (formally DUNS)

On April 4, 2022, the federal government stopped using the DUNS Number
and started using the Unique Entity ID as the official identifier.  


A Unique Entity ID (UEI) is a unique 12-character alphanumeric value or identifier assigned to a specific entity. The Federal Government utilizes UEIs as the primary means of entity identification. Federal UEIs are required in accordance with 2 CFR Part 25. The federal government has opted to use the UEI to track how federal grant funds are allocated and expended.   It is free of charge to obtain a UEI from SAM.gov as well as for all organizations required to register with the federal government.

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Things to Know Before you Begin

Prior to April 4, 2022 the Federal Government automatically assigned UEI’s to all active and inactive SAM.gov registered entities. You do not need to update your existing registration to be assigned the UEI.  
  1. Organizations (primes and subs) that already have a Unique Entity ID (SAM) can find it by following these instructions: How to search assigned UEI in SAM.gov.  If you do not have an assigned UEI, you will need to request one by following the instructions below.
  2. The assigned UEI must be recorded in organizations Ohio Education Directory System (OEDS).
 If the SAM.gov assigned UEI is in OEDS, the UEI process is complete.

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Instructions to Obtain a UEI and Add to OEDS

The following instructions have been prepared by the Ohio Department of Education, Office of Grant's Administration, to guide federal grant subawardees trough the required steps of obtaining a UEI and recording it in Ohio Education Directory System (OEDS).

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For Assistance

​General Inquiries:  FFATA.Reporting-UEI@education.ohio.gov
  • ​SAM.gov Inquiries: Please direct all technical difficulties to Federal Service Desk and Create an Incident or start a Live Chat with their Customer Service. Direct Phone calls can be made to (866) 606-8220
  • Quick Reference Guide :  Sections 1.8-1.9 of this reference guide are specific to UEI's.  It also includes additional resources to obtain access to various systems to do business with the State of Ohio and the Ohio Department of Education.

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