Fine Arts Instructional Strategies

This page presents a sampling of strategies that will serve as good starting points for curriculum directors and teachers as they plan lessons. 

Depth of Knowledge 

Webb’s Depth of Knowledge

Webb's Depth of Knowledge Flip Chart

Additional Resources on Depth of Knowledge

Universal Design for Learning

Center for Applied Special Technology (CAST) – Learn more here from this nonprofit research organization dedicated to using new technologies that provide better educational experiences for students with disabilities.

Universal Design for
Learning at a Glance


Universal Design for
Learning Guidelines

21st Century Skills Map for the Arts

Battelle for Kid’s P21's mission is to serve as a catalyst for 21st century learning by building collaborative partnerships among education, business, community and government leaders so that all learners acquire the knowledge and skills they need to thrive in a world where change is constant and learning never stops.

Harvard Project Zero

The mission of Harvard Project Zero is to understand and nurture human potentials –such as learning, thinking, ethics, intelligence and creativity –in all human beings. The research endeavors are marked by a passion for the big conceptual questions, a passion for close collaboration with practitioners, a passion for the interdisciplinary, a passion for the full range of human development and a passion for the arts.

Smithsonian Institution

The Smithsonian Institution is a collection of museums that cover a wide range of artistic genres and cultural groups. The Smithsonian Institute Educator Resources provide a collection of primary source documents and artifacts that teachers can use to shape lessons. Resources and digital tools support inquiry-based learning and active engagement to spark creativity and curiosity. The Learning Lab allows educators to create personal collections an individualized educational experiences. 

The Smithsonian American Art Museum also offers free classroom videoconferences and teacher resources  

Smithsonian Folkways Recordings is the institution’s nonprofit record label, representing the collections and productions of nearly two dozen companies and organizations, documenting the diversity of the world’s musical and spoken-word heritage and creativity. Included are several Cultural Education Resources to support arts learning in the classroom. 

Arts Education Resources from Other States

  • Arts Assessment for Learning
    • The New York Arts Assessment for Learning focuses on formative assessment as a catalyst for student learning.
  • Performance Assessments for the Arts
    • The Washington State performance assessments gauge student understanding for dance, music, theatre, and visual arts.
  • Supporting Instructional Resources
    • Arizona Department of Education supporting instructional resources include sample lesson plans and student friendly learning intention statements as a starting point for lesson planning and curriculum mapping to support high-quality and well-rounded arts instruction.
  • Arts Access Toolkit 
    • Oregon Department of Education created the Arts Access Toolkit Improving Access to Arts Learning as Part of a Well-Rounded Education. The purpose of this resource collection is to support all schools in providing standards-aligned arts learning opportunities for students in grades K-12. Together, these resources aim to provide information and tools to clarify existing requirements for arts education access, assist schools at any stage of arts program implementation, and increase access to and quality of student arts learning opportunities. 

National Model Cornerstone Assessments
The National Arts Standards created the Model Cornerstone Assessments (MCA) to inform teaching and learning.  Access the MCAs for all arts disciplines and a template to create a MCA to meet your local needs.

Resources for Diverse Learners


Arts Integration and STEAM

Arts Education Partnership STEAM Resource Guide  

A collection of resources and research related to STEAM education. 

Chicago Arts Partnerships in Education

An example of an effective arts integration partnership with sample curriculum

The Institute for Arts Integration and STEAM

An info graphic comparing STEM, STEAM and Arts Integration

State Education Association of Directors of Arts Education (SEADAE)

The SEADAE STEAM White Paper explores STEAM and the role of the Arts in STEM.

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