Accelerating Learning in Mathematics

The Ohio Department of Education and Workforce, in partnership with Zearn, is providing an online differentiated learning opportunity to accelerate math learning for Ohio students in grades 6-8. To support Ohio educators with providing differentiated middle school math support, the Department is offering free access to Zearn Math, a top-rated math learning platform to reinforce and deepen grade-level learning. Zearn Math provides high-quality instructional materials, including digital math lessons with built-in differentiated support right when students need it. All Ohio districts and schools serving students in grades 6-8 may begin onboarding in the fall, with access to resources beginning in the winter and continuing through June 30, 2025.

Accelerating math learning helps math instruction across settings (like tutoring or extended learning time for example) to connect to core instruction and of the same standard of quality, prioritizing individualized supports that ensure readiness to engage in grade-level work. Zearn, which helps kids catch up and move forward in math, is proven to have transformative results.

Application Information

Districts or schools that opt-in to participate in this innovative and data-driven digital math platform will have free access to high-quality instructional materials through Zearn Math. To learn more, please visit Zearn Math Ohio


Additional Information

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