Accelerating Learning in Mathematics

The Ohio Department of Education and Workforce, in partnership with Zearn, is providing an online differentiated learning opportunity to accelerate math learning for Ohio students in grades 6-8. To support Ohio educators with providing differentiated middle school math support, the Department is offering free access to Zearn Math, a top-rated math learning platform to reinforce and deepen grade-level learning. Zearn Math provides high-quality instructional materials, including digital math lessons with built-in differentiated support right when students need it. Districts that opt into the Department license can receive free access to Zearn Math as early as January 2024. While the statewide initiative is focused on middle school students, free licenses for K-5 schools may also be made available to districts that opt in now.

Zearn can be used flexibly across instructional times—including as a support in the core math block or during intervention time, tutoring, and after-school programming—to help all students catch up and move forward in math.

All schools and districts that opt into Zearn have access to free, live training for teachers and leaders led by the Zearn team. Register for training.

Application Information

Fill out this short form to opt in to free access to Zearn Math. The opt-in process will take place at the district level.

Districts that opt in now will also be prioritized for free access to Zearn for schools serving K-5 students.


Additional Information

  • Zearn Math in Ohio Webinar: Explore how students learn with Zearn Math, what’s included in the Zearn platform, and how schools and districts can use Zearn flexibly to accelerate math learning.
  • Zearn Math Fact Sheet: Learn more about how Zearn can support Ohio educators to accelerate math learning.
  • Digital Platform Overview: Zearn Math helps all students access grade-level math learning with built-in, differentiated support. See what’s included in the platform.
  • Virtual training signup: Join Ohio educators and leaders in virtual sessions that take a deep dive into Zearn’s digital lessons, resources, and reports.
  • Parent and Caregiver Resources: Access materials to share with parents and caregivers to support their child’s learning with Zearn Math.
  • Visit the Zearn Math in Ohio webpage to access additional resources.

Last Modified: 5/3/2024 8:22:15 AM