U.S. Senate Youth Program

 Ohio Senate Youth Student Delegate Essays
Read the 2024 Student Delegate Essays to learn more about Washington Week. 

The United States Senate Youth Program is a unique educational experience for outstanding high school seniors and juniors interested in pursuing careers in public service. The annual program is held in Washington, D.C. each March. Two student leaders from each state spend a week in Washington, D.C. experiencing their national government in action. Student delegates hear major policy addresses by Senators, cabinet members, officials from the Departments of State and Defense and directors of other federal agencies, as well as participate in a meeting with a Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court.

All transportation, hotel and meal expenses are provided by The Hearst Foundations. in addition, each delegate is also awarded a $10,000 College Scholarship for undergraduate studies, with encouragement to pursue coursework in history and political science.

The 2024-25 Washington week is March 1-8, 2025. The winner must be able to attend the entire program that week. 

Program Eligibility

1. The student must hold a leadership position for the current 2024-25 academic year in any one of the following student government, civic or educational organizations during the entire academic year.

  • Student Body president, vice president, secretary, or treasurer
  • Class president, vice president, secretary, or treasurer
  • Student Council representative
  • A National Honor Society officer (including discipline-based Honor Societies such as the National English and Social Studies Honor Societies that include service components)
  • Student representative elected or appointed (appointed by a panel, commission, or board) to a local, district, regional or state-level civic, service and/or educational organization where the student holds a position of representation to a constituency providing service to others.

2. Participation or holding an officer position in academic clubs and/or educational competition programs/conferences or organizations deigned primarily for the student’s personal development and enrichment do not qualify a student for USSYP, although many students who qualify participate in these activities. The positions listed below DO NOT qualify the student for the program:

  • Attendance or officer position at Boys/Girls Nation or State summer conference
  • Member of the National Honor Society (serving as an elected officer for the organization for the entire school year is acceptable)
  • Member or leader of the Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts or a sports team
  • A founder or chairperson of a self-created group
  • A participant, captain or officer in Mock Trial, Debate Team, Model U.N. or other academic club, conference, or competition where the primary engagement is for the individual educational enrichment
Find more information about this program on the United States Senate Youth Program webpage.

Ohio Student Application Process

Ohio students interested in applying to the program need to fill out the student application and have a letter of recommendation submitted by the October 21, 2024, deadline. For a student to be eligible to participate, both the student application and letter of recommendation must be completed by the October 21 deadline.

Student Application

Letter of Recommendation

Note: Students need to share the letter of recommendation link with their reference for their reference to complete. The letter of recommendation needs to be submitted by the October 21 deadline also. 

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