In this video, Superintendent Dr. Scott Mann and Principal Mason Bryon, provide a deeper overview of Riverside Elementary and the surrounding communities. 

Riverside's Literacy Mission 

Despite some difficult barriers, Riverside maintains a strong focus on helping all students learn to read. Riverside's mission statement not only guides its work to improve literacy, but is foundational to the core identity of the faculty and staff. This Mission Statement helped Riverside to overcome the difficult barriers to student reading success. 

Riverside Elementary Literacy Mission Belief Statement

We Believe:
  • Reading instruction must be high-quality, evidence-based, and supported by the Science of Reading.
  • Reading instruction must be culturally responsive and that students are more likely to master literacy skills if materials are connected to their own cultures.
  • Teachers should have access to continued literacy training.
  • School culture is supportive of effective instructional improvements. All students deserve equitable high-quality instruction.
  • Parents should be supported as partners in the educational process. Partnerships with community agencies is necessary and beneficial.

Source: Riverside Local Literacy Plan, pp. 22-23


Reflection Questions: 

  • What are the assets of your district, school, and community?
  • What challenges does your district, school, and community face?


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