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Whole Child Podcast

The Ohio Department of Education partnered with the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD) to host a quarterly Whole Child Podcast. The national ASCD Connect Podcast will have a quarterly special episode featuring Ohio partners speaking on their approach to a whole child education. Each episode will focus on one of the tenets of Ohio’s Whole Child Framework.

  • Podcast: Fostering Physical and Emotional Safety in Schools
    Published Oct. 1, 2022
    Ohio officials discuss ways schools can support the emotional and physical safety needs of students and staff, including the areas of emergency management planning, mental health and trauma-informed practice. The discussion highlights resources and programs available from the state and provides advice on best practices for improving overall school safety to help students learn and grow.

    Podcast Participants:

    • Bobbie Boyer, Deputy Director, Office of Prevention at Ohio
    • Emily Torok, Executive Director, Ohio School Safety Center
    • Jennifer Vargo, Director, Office of Whole Child Supports, Ohio Department of Education


Whole Child Newsletter

The Whole Child Newsletter features the tenets of Ohio’s Whole Child Framework, updates from the Whole Child Network, policy and funding updates and articles from around Ohio. To suggest contributions to the newsletter, please email wholechild@education.ohio.gov.


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