Ohio's Whole Child Framework

Ohio Supports the Whole Child

Ohio’s Whole Child Framework places the whole child at the center, with district, school, family, and community supporting the needs of the whole child using a comprehensive approach. A whole child approach broadens district and school focus beyond academics to include meeting students' social-emotional, physical, and safety needs. It is a student-centered approach that emphasizes the role of families and the community in providing safe environments and rich learning experiences. 

Ohio's Whole Child Framework

The Five Tenets of Ohio’s Whole Child Framework

illustration of the Whole Child 5 tenetsThe five tenets of Ohio’s Whole Child Framework are five commonly held beliefs reflecting optimally desired student conditions leading to success in life and learning. When students are healthy, feel safe, are supported through strong systems and relationships, are challenged and experience success, and are engaged in learning that is relevant and meaningful, they are more likely to enjoy learning, develop positive social skills and achieve greater success. 

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