Model Curriculum for Mathematics

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Model curriculum offer local educators in-depth guidance about groups or clusters of Ohio’s Learning Standards. It also explains related skills and knowledge students are to learn in each grade and course. These documents help local educators develop local curriculum, teach lessons based on Ohio’s Learning Standards and create corresponding assessments.

Teams of teachers from across the state helped the Ohio Department of Education develop model curricula following the adoption of Ohio’s Learning Standards in 2010. The Department’s consultants and teachers statewide continue to add to these important resources.

Mathematics Model Curriculum by Grade Level

Overview Grade 4 High School - Number and Quantity
Kindergarten Grade 5 High School - Algebra
Grade 1 Grade 6 High School - Functions
Grade 2 Grade 7 High School - Geometry
Grade 3 Grade 8 High School - Statistics and Probability

Updating of Model Curriculum 2017

Teacher writing teams are now updating the model curriculum for use beginning in 2017-2018, based on revisions to Ohio’s Learning Standards for Mathematics that the State Board of Education approved in February 2017. Learn more about this effort here

Curriculum Planning Tools

Quality Review Rubric

Teachers can use the four dimensions within Ohio’s Quality Review Rubric to determine how well their lessons or units align to Ohio’s Learning Standards. 

Part 1: Introduction


Part 2: Alignment to the
Depth of the Standards


Part 3: Key Shifts
in the Standards


Part 4: Instructional



Part 5: Assessment


Standards for Mathematic Practice

The Standards for Mathematical Practice describe the skills that mathematics educators should seek to develop in their students. Click here to review these practices.

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