Approximate time to complete: 45 minutes 

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Learning Objectives: 

Participants will be able to: 
  • Explain the role of progress monitoring in identifying growth and areas in need of additional intervention in students' reading.
  • Identify areas of strength and areas in need of improvement related to approaches to progress monitoring in their classroom, building or district. 

Consider This Scenario

Connection Point

In your Course Companion, consider these questions:  

  • Can you relate to this scenario? In what ways are your challenges in literacy instruction similar or different? 

The staff at York Elementary have been hard at work getting their system of assessments and interventions together. They have seen improvements in their ability to identify student needs and select the correct intervention to meet those needs. One difficulty that remains is the ability to monitor students' progress over time. This is especially important because they do not want to needlessly keep students in interventions that they do not need. At this point the staff understand that they need progress monitoring assessments for their students, but they do not understand what assessments they need and how to administer them. 

What is Progress Monitoring?

Progress monitoring assessments are used to measure students' reading performance, quantify rates of improvement toward goals or benchmarks, and determine how students are responding to instruction and intervention over time. 

Progress Monitoring with Dr. Tim Odegard

In this video, Dr. Odegard explains what it means to progress monitor students, the process of progress monitoring and provides some examples of progress monitoring. There is a place in your Course Companion to take notes.


Knowledge Check

Take the following short quiz to check your knowledge. Click the square button to expand the quiz.



The National Center on Intensive Intervention provides the Student Progress Monitoring Tool for Data Collection and Graphing. Take a few minutes to check out the tool. It can be downloaded and used by educators. 

In your Course Companion, answer the following questions: 

  • Do you have a similar tool to gather and store student progress monitoring data?
    • If so, does this tool provide you any ideas for improving your own?
    • If not, are there ways that you can begin to incorporate this or other collection tools into your practice? 

Course Reflection

In your Course Companion, answer the following questions: 

  • Identify one thing from this course that affirmed and one thing that challenged your current approach to progress monitoring. Why?
  • Consider an improvement you want to make to your approach to progress monitoring. 
    • What changes might you need to make to your approaches to screening and diagnostic assessments? 
    • What are the first few steps you will need to take to make the change? Who else needs to be involved? 

To Learn More

The National Center on Intensive Intervention provides an overview of progress monitoring along with several helpful tools on their Progress Monitoring page


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