Approximate time to complete: 60 minutes 

Download the Course Companion document before starting this course. You can use the Companion to take notes on your learning, address reflection prompts, and as an easy way to retrieve course resources.  

Learning Objectives: 

Participants will be able to: 
  • Explain the skills and processes that are necessary for students' reading comprehension.
  • Identify ways to improve their own approaches to increasing students' reading comprehension.

Consider This Scenario

Connection Point

In your Course Companion, consider these questions:  

  • Can you relate to this scenario? In what ways are your challenges in literacy instruction similar or different? 

Mr. Wolf, a fifth-grade teacher, has been working with his student, Leo, for a couple of weeks. Mr. Wolf notices that Leo reads the words on the page with accuracy but cannot explain what he has just read. This is informed by data from Leo’s diagnostic assessment data.
Mr. Wolf is rethinking his lesson plans and knows he needs a specific plan to support comprehension for Leo and other students with similar struggles. However, he is not completely sure what his next steps should be.

Informed Framework for Comprehension Instruction with Nancy Hennessy

In this video, Nancy Hennessy describes the components that must be in place for students to successfully comprehend what they read. She also provides a framework for building students' ability to comprehend text. There is a place in your Course Companion to take notes. 

Necessary Structures for Comprehension Skills

In this video, Nancy Hennessy answers the question: What structures need to be in place for educators to teach the skills necessary for comprehension? There is a place to take notes in your Course Companion. 

Key video takeaways: 

  • Frameworks are key to support literacy instruction that increases students' comprehension

Knowledge Check

Take this brief quiz to test your knowledge. 


Review the Reading Rockets article Comprehension to learn more about reading comprehension. There is a place in your Course Companion to take notes. 

Course Reflection

Answer the following questions in your Course Companion: 

  • How would you describe reading comprehension to a colleague? A parent? Consider a possible misconception that you could pre-correct in your description.
  •  What information from this course affirmed your current practice? Why? 
  • What information from the video or article challenged your current practice? What steps can you take to improve your practice? 

To Learn More

The following resources can be helpful if you would like to learn more: 


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