Ohio Military Veteran Educators Program Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

General Questions

What is the difference between a classified position and a certified position?

To hold a classified role in a school means that you are supporting the education of students, but you do not hold a professional educator license. Someone who works as a bus driver, mechanic, health care, IT services, food services, logistics, facility maintenance, etc. is in a classified position. 

Some classified positions require job-specific training and/or certification. For example, to be a school bus driver in Ohio, you must pass a drug and alcohol test, pass a physical, pass background checks, complete a motor vehicle records check, hold a Commercial Driver's License, complete preservice training, and more. 

To hold a certified role in a school means that you hold a professional educator license for your job. Classroom teachers, principals, intervention specialists, speech-language pathologists, and audiologists are examples of certified positions.  

OhioMVEP can assist military spouses find certified positions, but past or present service members seeking a teaching position should instead visit the Ohio Troops to Teachers Program to explore that pathway.  

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Who is eligible for OhioMVEP?

Someone is eligible for the Ohio Military Veteran Educators Program (OhioMVEP) if at least one of the following describes them: 

  • A transitioning active-duty service member seeking a career in education in a non-teaching role; 
  • A currently serving reserve component service member seeking a career in education in a non-teaching role; 
  • A military veteran seeking a career in education in a non-teaching role, or; 
  • A spouse of any of the above, and you are seeking a career in education in a non-teaching or teaching role. 

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Are there costs or specific commitments required to participate in OhioMVEP?

There are no costs to participate in the program and no specific commitments required. If you choose to participate, you have access to consultation with education program specialists at the Ohio Department of Education, and you can choose if and when you want to continue or to cease your job search.  

You are not required to apply for a specific school or district or for a specific position. We will assist you in navigating the requirements for the position and school/district you choose. 

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How do I begin the process?

After browsing the OhioMVEP webpages, begin a dialogue with a program staff member by emailing OhioMVEP@education.ohio.gov with your professional aspirations.

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What types of positions can OhioMVEP help me obtain?

Here are some, but not all, positions in Ohio schools or districts that OhioMVEP can help you obtain: 

  • Automotive Maintenance Technician; 
  • (coach, coordinator, etc.); 
  • Bus Driver; 
  • Child Care; 
  • Classroom Aide; 
  • Clerical Worker; 
  • Facility Maintenance; 
  • Fiscal Specialist; 
  • Food Services; 
  • Health Aide; 
  • Human Resources; 
  • Information Technology; 
  • Library Aide; 
  • Logistics Management; 
  • Media and Communications; 
  • Paraprofessional; 
  • Planning and Development; 
  • Security Officer; 
  • Special Education Aide; 
  • Teacher, or other certified position (for military spouses).

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