Sustaining a Plan: Policy Redesign, Implementation and Monitoring

Activity 4

Policy Redesign: 

During this phase, districts, schools, educators, and stakeholder partners will co-design a common vision for career advising that encompasses equitable, student-centered goals and strategies that support the needs of all students and provide pathways for post high school success.

Implementation First Steps: 

It is important to think deeply about who needs to be at the table to support and generate immediacy in implementing the Career Advising Plan framework developed in this toolkit. In this portion of the sustainability step identify the 5 initial “actionable” steps required to proceed in the implementation of this plan and the stakeholders to fulfill those steps. Next, list the core 5 stakeholders/institutions needed to fulfill the identified action steps and describe the role(s) each stakeholder/institution plays in the action steps supported.


Districts, schools, educators, and stakeholder partners will develop or leverage current progress monitoring strategies and tools to track the progress and impact of the career advising plan. Individual teachers and school counselors may monitor their own progress or their students’ progress that stem from formal or informal career advising activities.


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