High School Math Pathways Toolkits

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Successful implementation of the high school math pathways requires a coordinated effort between high school teachers, administrators, counselor and parents in addition to higher educations admissions, advisors, and placement personnel.

Administrator/Counselor Toolkit

Course Descriptions

Videos on Algebra 2 Equivalent courses

  • Advanced Quantitative Reasoning
  • Data Science Foundations
  • Statistics and Probability 
  • Discrete Math/Computer Science - Coming in 2022-2023

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Parent Toolkit

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Teacher Toolkit 

Ohio's Mathematics Pathways Definition of Rigor

Ohio Learning Standards 

Critical Areas of Focus 

Instructional supports to the model curriculum 

  • Statistics and Probability - Coming Winter 2022

High Quality Instructional Materials (HQIM) 

ACT/SAT Alignments

Ohio Transfer Learning Outcomes

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