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Where can i find a full list of the industry-recognized credentials?

For a full list of the credentials with Education Management Information System (EMIS) Assessment Area Codes, career fields, and point values, click here. 

Full Credential List

How can a student earn a high school diploma under the “credential” Option?

In order to qualify for a diploma under the credential option, a student needs to do two things:

Can a student mix and match credentials?

Yes, a student may choose any combination of credentials that totals to 12 points within a single career field. Students can consult with a counselor, teacher, or other professional to aid in choosing the bundle of credentials that best suits their career aspirations.

Why can’t a student mix and match credentials from different career fields?

The goal is for students to exit high school with a coherent bundle of credentials that leads to meaningful employment or post-secondary options. For example, obtaining a Taser certification (for law enforcement) along with a couple of IT certifications and the ServSafe (for food handlers) as a bundle would not have an obvious use or application in the workforce.

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